Floodplain Vegetation

Katfish Reach has a rich diversity of both terrestrial and aquatic habitats.

Terrestrial habitats, including the floodplain and dune system, range from forests to woodlands, shrublands, sedgelands, herblands and grasslands. On the floodplain these habitats can intermittently become an aquatic system for varying periods of time, depending on the size and length of a flood event, and the elevation of a particular habitat.

227 species of plants have been recorded at KatFish Reach (see full list) of which 15 are introduced species. In total, 17 species of threatened plants have been recorded at Katfish Reach (see table below). As part of the Katfish Reach planning process, 11 vegetation communities were identified (see full list).

Floodplain vegetation within the Katfish Reach area (Photo: Bill Doyle).

Floodplain vegetation within the Katfish Reach area (Photo: Bill Doyle).

Threatened Species Common Name State Rating
Eragrostis infecunda Barren cane-grass Rare
Myoporum parvifolium Creeping boobialla Rare
Rorippa laciniata Jagged bitter-cress Rare
Calltriche sonderi Matted water starwort Rare
Calocephalus sonderi Pale beauty-heads Rare
Dianella porracea Pale flax-lily Vulnerable
Exocarpos strictus Pale-fruit Cherry Rare
Pratia concolor Poison pratia Rare
Eragrostis lacunaria Purple love-grass Rare
Myriophyllum papillosum Robust milfoil Rare
Lepidium pseudotasmanicum Shade peppercress Vulnerable
Maireana pentagona Slender fissure-plant Rare
Goodenia heteromera Spreading goodenia Rare
Picris squarrosa Squat picris Rare
Brachyscome basaltica var. gracilis Swamp daisy Rare
Calotis scaplgera Tufted burr-daisy Rare
Nymphoides crenata Wavy marshwort Rare