Fast flowing creeks in Katfish Reach include the top end of The Splash and Eckert Creek. The Eckert Creek channel is deep and water velocities are fast. With a change in slope along the waterway from the head to the confluence with Katarapko creates a narrow, shallow creek with medium to fast flow. The water velocity slows as it reaches The Splash, as the channel begins to widen and becomes shallow.

A wide range of aquatic fauna is found throughout this section including small (Bony herring, Australian Smelt and Unspecked Hardyhead) and large fish (Golden Perch and Freshwater Catfish), frogs (Peron’s Tree Frog and Spotted Grass Frog), waterbirds, shrimps, turtles (Long-neck Turtle) and reptiles.

The creeks have diverse instream habitat, with a range of aquatic plants, including submerged (Ribbon Weed) and emergent (Common Reed, Giant Sedge and Common Rush) vegetation. Large and small snags can also be found, as well as red gum roots to provide habitat to the aquatic environment.

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