Permanent wetland habitats within the Katfish Reach are the Eckert Wide Water and the lower section of The Splash. These habitats are shallow (< 1 m) and wide (10 – 20 m) and typically have consistent channel form and structure.

These still water habitats have abundant aquatic vegetation dominated by a small number of species namely Ribbon Weed, Cumbungi and Marsh club-rush. Fringing vegetation found at permanent freshwater wetlands include Typha, water couch grass, Cumbungi and River Cooba,

Dominant fish species in these habitats include the native Bony Herring, Carp Gudgeon, Unspecked Hardyhead and Murray-Darling Rainbowfish, and non-native of carp and goldfish. Water birds recorded at permanent freshwater wetlands include the White-faced heron, Little Black Cormorant, Grey Teal duck and Australian Shelduck.

Frogs to be found include the Eastern sign bearing froglet and Spotted grass frog, and reptiles include the Long-neck turtle and the Carpet Python.

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