Katarapko Creek, Eckert Northern and Southern Arms, Sawmill Creek and part of Eckert Creek between Wide Waters and Log Crossing are defined as a slow flowing creek, ranging from 20 to 50 metres in width, and depths from 1 to 6 metres.

The slow flowing creeks have diverse instream habitat, consisting of abundant large and small woody debris (snags) and a diverse assemblage of aquatic plants including several species of submerged plants (Ribbon Weed and Curly Pondweed), floating plants (Azolla and Water Primrose) and emergent plants (Marsh Club-rush, Common Reed and Typha spp).

Riparian habitat type and health vary greatly, with areas of healthy, diverse and dense habitat to unhealthy and sparse, generally depending on saline ground water intrusion and amount of flow through the system.

The fish community is diverse and includes both large and small bodied native species. Dominant species are Golden Perch, Bony Herring, Unspecked Hardyhead and Carp.

A wide range of other fauna is also found throughout this section including frogs (Peron’s Tree Frog and Spotted Grass Frog), waterbirds (Grey Teal Duck and Pacific Black Duck), turtles (Broad-shelled Turtle), yabbies and shrimps, birds (Regent Parrot) and amphibious mammal (Water rat).

Both healthy and unhealthy River Red Gums and Cooba dominate the riparian zone with patches of understorey provided by Lignum, Native Cherry, Nitre Bush and Spiny Sedge.

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