Katfish Reach – Project Achievements

Structures to improve fish & flow

Artist drawings were done at each site within Katfish Reach to visualise how the new infrastructure will look once completed.

These structures will improve the flow of water & movement of native fish throughout t Katarapko and Eckert Creek and other associated creeks and waterways.


Riverlanders kick back at the Kat

Katarapko was the main attraction at a recent family day in the Riverland, when a group of over 80 people took part in ‘A Day on the Kat.’ The aim of the event was to raise awareness about the Katfish Reach floodplain and funding secured for environmental flows and rehabilitation works for native fish.


‘Catch of the Day’ for Katfish Reach

At the recent 2014 Riverland Field Days, the Katfish Reach team took up the challenge to cook and serve carp that would taste really good. European carp is not commonly listed as the ‘catch of the day’ on menus in Riverland restaurants and hotels. At the suggestion that it could be served up for dinner, people are likely to turn up their noses as they imagine the slimy skin, bony flesh, unpleasant odour and muddy taste.