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Katfish Reach Register of Flows & Fish Barriers

The KatFish Reach project area which includes the Katarapko and Eckert Creeks Anabranch system has been impacted by the construction of numerous barriers over the last 80 years. These barriers have been constructed for a number of reasons starting with the construction of Lock 4 on the main River channel and associated structures of the…


Katfish Asset Condition Report January 2008

Conservation Asset Condition Summary Katarapko Creek (Segment 1) (13.7Km) A diverse section of healthy waterway, with a channel width ranging from 40 to 80 meters. In stream vegetation is dominated by Floating Pondweed with patches of Common Reed, Cumbungi, Water Primrose, Ribbon Weed, Curly Pondweed and Three-cornered Bulrush with high numbers of snags throughout the…


Katfish Reach Implementation Plan 2008

Introduction The Katarapko-Eckert Creek demonstration reach in the Riverland of South Australia lies just to the south-west of the prominent fruit and wine growing town of Berri, and north and opposite the town of Loxton on the River Murray. The demonstration reach is a floodplain habitat of the River Murray that includes The Splash, Sawmill…


Katfish Reach Hydrological Options – Salinity Impact Assessment

Introduction The Department of Environment and Heritage (DEH) have engaged Australian Water Environments (AWE) to undertake a preliminary desk top salinity impact assessment of the hydrological management options that are proposed for Katfish Reach. The study area is located south to south-west of the township of Berri on the River Murray (Figure 1.1). The Katfish…


Katfish Reach Modelling Calibration and Scenarios

INTRODUCTION Department for Environment and Heritage (DEH) commissioned Water Technology to develop a hydraulic model for the Eckert Island section of Katfish Reach to assist decision makers in the development of a number of waterway management options. A coupled one and two‐dimensional hydraulic MIKE FLOOD model of the Katfish Reach floodplain, including the Murray River…


Gerard Trainee Baseline Survey of The Splash (Katarapko) and Gerard Swamps

Ecological Monitoring Five Sites along The Splash within the Katarapko Floodplain were selected. Sites were selected on available habitat and accessibility. At each of the five sites water quality, fish, vegetation, waterbirds and frogs were monitored. Separate sites were established for both tree condition and groundwater transects. Water quality was monitored on a monthly basis,…


Katfish Reach Operational Strategy

Introduction Katfish Reach Project Description The Katfish Reach Project is located on the Katarapko/Eckert Creek anabranch system between Berri and Loxton along the River Murray in South Australia (Figure 1.1). The area hosts the River Murray National Park, Katarapko, Gerard Aboriginal Reserve as well as crown and private land. The total area is nearly 9,000…


Katfish Reach Monitoring Plan

Introduction 1.1 Site Description Katfish Reach is a demonstration reach for native fish situated within the Katarapko-Eckert Creek anabranch system between Berri and Loxton on the River Murray in South Australia (Figure 1) (Katfish Reach Steering Group, 2008). Katfish Reach isabout 9,000 hectareswith the total anabranch length approximately 38km. The River Murray forms the eastern…


Eckert Creek Wide Water Ecological Monitoring Report 2009

Background The purpose of the demonstration reach is to show, by example, how river and floodplain rehabilitation can be achieved by well-integrated management intervention such as riparian zone rehabilitation, alien/pest species management, re-snagging, improvements to water quality, providing environmental flows, improved fish passage and enhanced aquatic vegetation. The successful rehabilitation of a reach or floodplain…